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TempoPerfect Metronome Software

Download free metronome software for musicians

TempoPerfect is a free software metronome. Unlike mechanical metronomes, our software metronome provides a clear and precise beat that won't wind down, making it an essential tool for any musician.

  • Create accurate beat patterns for simple or complex rhythms

  • Subdivide beats to hear difficult patterns, such as triplets

  • Accent the first beat in a measure


TempoPerfect also includes a tempo guide within the program which is a helpful

What is ABRSM’s Speedshifter?

Speedshifter is available as a free desktop application for Windows and Mac computers, or as an app for iOS and Android phone and tablet devices. Users of compatible mobile devices can download Speedshifter as a free, Lite installation for trial purposes (with a one minute playback restriction), or as the full paid version with comparable functionality to the desktop version. 

Speedshifter can be used to slow down the playback speed of most common compatible audio file types. Follow the download links to install the relevant desktop application or to read more information about the iOS and Android apps.

How might I use Speedshifter?

Speedshifter is designed to be used whenever a student might benefit from playing along with the accompaniment at a reduced tempo. It can be used in a lesson, or it can be used by the student in their own practice sessions.

Because Speedshifter varies the speed of the audio recording, any fluctuation of tempo is kept. This ensures that Speedshifter provides, in many cases, a more musical solution to slow practice than a metronome.

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